The objective of Makewaay is to help the NEAR community make better use of their crypto wallets by offering them an easy and fun way to use them. Players are given a mission to help the NEAR community by navigating their way through the levels, collecting rewards and earning points.

At the end of each level, players are rewarded with a unique NFT Collection, which they can use to show off their achievements. Players can also use their NFT Collection to trade with others, or to unlock special rewards in the game.

Makewaay is a great way for users to get familiar with the NEAR crypto wallet and to learn how to use it. It also encourages users to explore the world of blockchain and understand the concept of digital asset ownership.

To find out more about the NEAR protocol you can visit, and to find out more about our partners, the NEAR Balkans Hub and community, check out
Makewaay project