Casual Games


Polygone is a light and fun game to play.

Combine, stack groups of same polygons with a simple tap. Try to combine as many polygons as you can combine. Find hidden bombs, rack those points and enjoy the bang!

Crab Out

Escape the flood, dodge pesky seagulls and save crab babies.

Crab Out is a game about a crab where the goal is to save as many of your crab eggs
from the flood tide while avoiding enemies and hazards and being restricted to horizontal movement like that of a real crab. The player is dropped into the middle of the action.
He has to control the crab by moving left and right and rotating it to get away from the flood tide.

Space Base

You must have a steady mind and patience. The future is in your hands!
Home planet is being invaded and only you can stop them! As a Home defender,
you will be facing a large number of enemies in crazy environments. As the game progresses, situations become even more dangerous.

HOW TO PLAY:* Tap screen to kill all enemies!

Graphics, easy controls, and endless challenges this one is addictive right from the start.This game is free and drains no battery life, so it's time to defend Home!
Enjoy classic space combat - powered up.Download - Space Base now!


Discover new kinds of trees, cut them down and earn a big profit in the land of Timberlandia, an idle clicker game where trees regrow in seconds.
Can you become the best and wealthiest lumberjack in Timberlandia?

Start cutting and find out!