About MGE

A Golden Opportunity to Create Your Games, Your Way

At Mobile Games Entertainment, we’re all about helping game developers turn their vision into  something tangible. Creating the perfect game is a journey with opportunities around every turn, and it is our job to help guide you on the right path and take advantage of every single one.

Our vision

We want to provide opportunities for game developers and help make their ideas a reality. We want to excel in the market and help drive the success of everyone who works with us. Most of all, we want to create cool, awesome games that wow your audience and make a splash in the world of casual gaming. 

What do we do?

The most important thing for us is to help you bring your game concept to life. It is our responsibility to make your games run like a pro, and we’re always here to offer support, help you grow, and ensure your success at the end. We can help with game development, features, and add-ons, as well as finding customers and building a solid reputation in the industry. 

Why us?

We are a small (but mighty) team with eight successful card games under our belt. We’re always looking for new directions, new ideas, and new partners to join us in our projects. We may not be big, but we’ve got years of experience behind us, and know exactly what’s needed to create successful games, grow an audience, and build strong revenue streams.